NC Mountain Land for Sale SearchLAND BUYERS – if you’re searching for land for sale in NC , you’ve come to the right place.  Mountain Land Company has the largest inventory of mountain land parcels over 100 acres available anywhere in the NC mountains. Our company sells land – and ONLY Mountain Land – with rare exceptions when there happens to be an old family home already on the property.

We are land specialists, and know the smallest details on each property.  We also “practice what we preach” by living in “Ghost Valley “- our own 410-acre family compound.  How better to be a land specialist than to live on our own large mountain land parcel?

We represent land owners and NC land for sale in 8 counties including Wilkes, Ashe, Watauga, Avery, Alleghany, Caldwell, Burke and Alexander counties. We also show you mountain land in comfort while riding in our Polaris Ranger – rides like a golf cart – on steroids.  No matter what the weather, you’ll enjoy seeing our NC land for sale – with no strenuoous hiking required.  That includes rain, shine, sleet or snow (but NOT ice).

For 46 years, we’ve provided NC land for sale  to a wide variety of NC land buyers.  We listen carefully when you describe your land buying objectives, and we provide detailed information on multiple properties that match those objectives.  Even the smallest details are provided to insure your satisfaction once you make your buying decision.

Our buyers come from all backgrounds, each being motivated by a different set of dreams about the mountain land they plan to acquire.  Some are searching for the peace and quiet of the mountains – something missing from the fast pace of their city life.  Others dream of a family retreat or compound on a large land parcel – a place to bond with children and grandchildren – or they plan to build a log “forever” home. Some look for hunting land and game – of which there is a plentiful population – deer, turkey, and even bears.  Others see the wildlife as a cherished mountain treasure to protect and provide with rich habitat.

Planning to retire?  NC land for sale can bring all the peace and contentment you’ve always wanted.  We also have properties for development and subdivision – bring your best management skills and investment dollars. We also have large NC land for sale parcels adjoining National Forests or North Carolina state lands.   Just imagine having thousands of acres of protected national forest as your backyard!   Land for sale in NC also offers a unique opportunity to invest for the long term.  With current prices at 2001 levels, investors see and appreciate today’s “rock bottom” prices.

What features will you find when you buy NC mountain land? Springs and steams are plentiful due to our 50 inches of rain each year.  This water ranges in size and strength from small springs seeping out of the ground to rivers such as the Roaring River or New River, that can be 30-50 feet wide, and large enough for kayaking and canoeing.

In the NC mountains, we have old family farms, and rough “cutover” timberland.  We have land with mature forests and splendid old logging trails for hiking and ATV use.  We have topography ranging from nearly level ground to sharp, steep escarpments along the Blue Ridge.  Have cattle & horses? We have fenced pasture land.

Climate is another factor to consider.  Elevations here in the NC mountains range from 1,100′ to our highest property at 4,900′ elevations.  One choice you’ll need to make is “snow” vs “rain” and moderate temps vs. frigid temps and brutal winter wind.  The higher you go, the cooler the climate.  We’ll explain more when we see you.

One other factor to be considered when starting your land search is “views” vs. “valleys”.  Which is more important to you?  Obviously, views are at the top and valleys at the bottom of any land parcel.  Some have both views and valleys.  Long-range “layered” views are mostly found on properties over 3,000′ elevations, with some exceptions – but also come with the cold and snow mentioned above. Good mountain views also come at 2,000’+ but tend not to be the “layered” views seen at the high elevations.

The optimum elevations for moderate mountain climate, views, AND water (streams) seems to be about 2,200′-2,800′.  Summers are slightly cooler, winters not as boldly cold & snowy, so that elevation range supplies  more moderation than severity of enjoyment from the land.

Finally, there’s one more factor to consider once you begin your search  for NC land for sale – access.  Here you may want to choose between state road frontage or a private, deeded (legal) right-of-way across the property of others.  You’ll find both here in the NC mountains.  You can tell the difference between the two when looking at land.  There is almost always a green street sign on every road – both public and private. If the road is state-maintained by the N.C. Department of Transportation, the sign will have both a name and a 4-digit number. For example: “Fall Creek Road –  #1301”.  If, like my driveway, the sign simply says “Fletcher Creek Lane” but has no number, that is a privately maintained driveway, passing over the land of others.  “Privately maintained” means you take care of all maintenance – usually in cooperation with other landowners who also use the road.


Ever thought about selling your large land parcel?  If so, you have a challenge ahead – how best to find a buyer.

Maybe, you could do it yourself.  If that is your likely approach, ask yourself: “How many people do I know right now – who want to buy 100+ acres of land?”  If your answer is “None . . . or two . . .  perhaps a different approach is required – hiring a land specialist to represent you.

So – what is a land specialist?  Consider this parallel definition:

There are probably hundreds of doctors in your immediate area.  All are “Board Certified”  amd have “MD” after their names.  Now, consider that you have just been informed that you have a life-threatening health problem.  It’s time to make a decision on how best to treat your medical problem.  Would you choose your current physician – or possibly choose a specialist in the field of medicine that matches your current condition.

For example, doesn’t it make sense to choose a cardiologist if you have a heart condition, or an orthopedist if you have a broken leg?  Further, wouldn’t you want that specialist to have years of successful experience treating similar medical conditions.  Just imagine going into surgery, and hearing the doctor say “This is my first surgery”!

So . . . choosing a “land specialist” could be easily determined by asking the following questions:

1. How many years have you been selling large parcels of undeveloped land?

2. Do you currently have any homes for sale?  If “Yes!”, why do you claim to be a “land specialist”?

3. How many parcels of undeveloped land over 100 acres do you currently have for sale?

A true land specialist will have a substantial inventory of large land parcels in his/her inventory – most of which will be larger than 100 acres.  Why is this so important? Consider another parallel example.

Let’s say you have driven Ford vehicles all your life.  You love the Ford brand, and your present Ford truck is in need of replacement.  Where would you go to buy a new one?  WalMart, Autozone, Joe’s Used Cars?

Wouldn’t it be safe to say you’d go to the nearest Ford dealership?  And – why would you go there?  “Because that’s where new Ford trucks can be found!”  Even more importnatly,  the Ford dealer would have a large selection of trucks, colors, features, engines, etc.  In other words, the dealer would give you choices.

Back to choosing a land specialist, the #1 reason land buyers would call the land specialist first – is because that’s where the most land choices can be found.  Rarely does a buyer purchase the 1st parcel he or she sees.  Land buyers inspect a variety of land parcels before they make their choice.

When choosing a land specialist to sell your land, choose the one who has the greatest selection because that is also the one land buyers will choose.

Broker Paul Breden has been selling large land parcels – over 100 acres – over the past 46 years.  Just imagine how much he has learned from that level of experience, all of which he can put to work for you – and toward selling your land successfully.

You only need a single land specialist – Paul Breden – to attract the best land buyer.  He can be reached 7 days a week at all reasonable hours by calling him direct at 828/263-2340 or by Email at  Contact Paul today – it can make all the difference when selling your land.





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