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The word “acreage” evokes in landbuyer’s minds images of land in all sizes. You will find at Mountain Land Company acreage to meet your size and budget requirements. Keep in mind that price per acre can vary greatly from one property to the next depending on any number of variables.

Few fortunate landbuyers find smaller acreage offering a combination of the highest regarded features when it comes to purchasing acreage in the mountains. Some of these may include long-range views, a large creek running through the middle of a beautiful meadow, a waterfall, gently sloping woods with mature timber, easy access, and bordering a national forest in the back. In contrast, some buyers may have to look in the over 500-acre range to find a property offering only a few of the most desired features.

The sooner you start looking, the sooner you may become the owner of that special mountain property you’ve been dreaming of…

Land Under 50 Acres

Some people living in an urban environment where one-tenth to one-quarter acre lots are the norm, “acreage” sparks in their imagination visions of the ideal getaway tract of land in the mountains being in the 5-10 acre range. Others grew up in a rural environment, and long to share the feel of a peaceful setting with family and friends where meaningful time may be spent and bonds strengthened. Properties in this acreage range usually provide ample space to build a cabin, open up hiking and ATV trails,  enjoy pond fishing, relax, or just gather around the fire pit!

50 – 100 Acres

Many individuals and families with the ability to execute a cash transaction, or who are able to obtain financing, invest in this acreage range. Properties in this size category offer a great deal of seclusion, lots of room for outdoor recreation, and plenty of homesite possibilities.  Most buyers in this acreage range come to us from within North Carolina looking for that meaningful place away from the everyday grind. Their land purchase is as much an investment in building family and friend relations, as it is in building wealth and financial security for the future. 

100 – 250 Acres 

Fewer landbuyers exist for larger tracts of land. Not only the shear size of the acreage, but maintenance and property taxes can become overwhelming. It is usually individuals with especially sound financials, large business owners or corporate officers, and large investors who are able to purchase land in this acreage range. Many land developers look for property in this category as well, although development is cyclical and most developers disappeared from our market area following the Summer of 2006. 

250 – 500 Acres 

Even fewer landbuyers ever shop for acreage in this category, but if you are one of them, Mountain Land Company has several choices for you. There are few parcels available for sale in our 10-county market area in this size range. Most are fairly secluded and take in many ridges, hollows, and vary greatly in elevation. Paul and Chris specialize in handling the largest tracts, and have the ability and know how to take you through a property and show you key features, corners and boundaries. 

Land Over 500 Acres 

Very few properties are in existence over 500 acres in our market area. Many are in the hands of what we define as the “Final User”, and likely will never come up for sale again as is the case with State-owned property. Only a handful of properties in this size range are ever available for sale at any given time, but Mountain Land Company actively seeks these and is able to offer several choices to especially large investors and conservation groups.