Bug-Out Location For Sale in North Carolina!

Prepper – SHTF – Bug-Out Location for Sale!

Bug-Out Location for SaleNo doubt you’ve seen the new program advertised on TV called “Doomsday Preppers“.  This show evolved from a segment of the population that believes there may be a meltdown of the economic, social, and/or cultural fabric of the U.S.  They are preparing (thus the term Preppers).   Preppers begin by creating “Bug Out Bags” (known as BOB’s) in anticipation of that unexpected moment when the “s _ _ _ hits the fan” (SHTF).  Preparations include storing a long-term supply of food, water, and medical items, as well as, yes, weapons and ammunition.  They may also fortify their dwellings, or even  purchase a defensible properties – or bug-out location for sale (BOL) – in remote locations. We have a wide selection of what Preppers would consider a suitable bug-out location for sale in North Carolina. 

Preppers are not some fringe group of “wackos” – they are simply individuals or small groups who believe in being prepared, and who have a heightened level of concern about the uncertainties facing our country in recent years.  They range from individuals and small family groups to entire neighborhoods, or other groups with common interests.  Learn more.

BOL – Bug-Out Location for Sale when SHTF!

Some examples of their concerns include: the collapse of our monetary system, long-term black-outs, disruption of gasoline and the food supply, martial law and outright anarchy.  They prepare for a day when, overnight, the dollar bill becomes worthless.  They accumulate “pre-1965 silver coins” and address the sudden loss of public utilities, i.e. power, water, gas, etc.  They have a pre-planned bug out location.

Gasoline supplies would be interrupted when pumps no longer function from the failure of the electric grid.  Auto and truck transportation would come to an abrupt halt further interrupting the food supply.  Digital communication would come to a sudden stop, and the Internet would be non-existent.

Does all this sound foreign, and totally unlikely to happen?  That’s understandable – it’s never happened before.  Preppers are as normal as any of us.  They go about their daily business, take care of family matters, enjoy recreation like everyone else.  It’s just that they also “prepare”.

Consider for a moment what you would do if the unthinkable happened while you slept one night.  You wake up late because the alarm did not wake you.  It’s light outside, but very quiet – no traffic noise.  You flip the light switch and nothing happens – must be a breaker.  You grab your coffee mug and notice the pot is cold – not perked.  You turn on the TV – nothing.  You ramp up your laptop computer (at least it has batteries) and go to Google for the morning news – nothing – no response at all.

Now you’re getting concerned.  You pick up your cell phone (it has batteries) and dial your mother, your sister, your friend – anyone – nothing – silence.  The light is even off in the fridge, and then you notice the milk is warm.  You look outside, and your neighbors are in their yards –  looking at each other in disbelief.  Reality begins to set in – your thoughts race ahead to your BOL – are you prepared?

Mountain Land Company can assist you with identifying a suitable bug-out location for sale in North Carolina.