Cheap Land? – “Caveat Emptor”!

“If  It Sounds Too Good To Be True – It Probably Is!”

Remember “Professor Harold Hill”, the likeable, albeit fast-talking, salesman from “The Music Man”?  He rolled into town promising locals that he could turn their youngsters into a talented and polished “Boys Band”!

The townspeople in “River City” almost bought his bill of goods. They really wanted to believe he could transform their children into accomplished musicians. But – remember the town councilmen who sang barbershop music?  They didn’t believe a word he said continually asking the Professor for his “credentials”.

And what did the professor do each time he was asked about it?  He changed the subject, promised to show them, or just distracted them with his fancy talk.  They just wanted to know he was “for real” – but he never provided them with the proof they needed to trust him.

So how does this relate to land? If you plan to make a large land purchase – and you value trust and integrity – we’re willing and able to share our credentials.  Not only do we have the right credentials, we also have almost 40 years of successful experience with large land parcels.

If you will take the time to email, call or come by our office, we’ll share all of our knowledge with you – in writing if you prefer – including complete documentation of our history, present land market prices, topographic maps, aerial photos, locations maps, color photos and videos of our properties.  What’s more, you’re welcome to a FREE copy of “Carolina Dreaming!”– our buyer’s land manual containing all the knowledge you’ll need to make a great land purchase.   I wrote it, it’s short, and contains everything I would tell you about buying land if you spent a day in the car with me.

Our company has a simple philosophy:

We provide you with all the information you need to purchase a large land tract – and leave the decision to you.

The truth is – if you have the financial ability to purchase a $200,000, $400,000, $1,000,000 or $5,000,000 property, you’re already a person who knows how to make a decision – be it “YES!” or “NO!”

So instead of wasting your time with the empty promises of a “Harold Hill” to purchase a “Boys Band”, we simply provide the information, the tools, and the proven facts you’ll need to make your own decision.  Our credentials are an open book of almost 40 years of proven land experience in North Carolina.

We look forward to hearing from you.  We’re easy to reach by phone, Email or in person.

Paul Christian Breden
Managing Broker/Owner

We want to hear from you! Email Paul with questions, comments, suggestions or just to share your story about why you love the mountains!

The purpose of Land Rush is to educate and inform you in such a way that, once you arrive here in the mountains, you’ll be prepared to make your purchase. If you haven’t already, please – before you come – take time to download our FREE buyer’s guide –“Carolina Dreaming” – from our website. It’s short, easy to read, and will provide you with the basic information needed to make your trip a roaring success.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list or to request property brochures, click the big red “First Time Visitor” button on the top right. We’ll keep you posted on any new properties, price reductions and much more. Please note, we do not sell or share your information – it is kept private and confidential.